Monday, October 20, 2008

Fasting for Weight Loss

It's not the quick shrink that you might think.

Although you will undoubtedly lose weight when fasting for any extended period of time, here is an important fact that you should consider:

While fasting, the metabolism slows to a crawl and in some cases stops. If when you resume eating, you consume the same poor quality and excess quantities of food that you consumed before the fast, your body will be slower in metabolizing the energy for maximum use and processing out waste. This will result in rapid gains, often in excess of what you weighed before.

There is however an aspect of regular mindful fasting that can almost guarantee that once the weight is off you will be able to keep it off.

Because regular mindful fasting is the practice of being present with what is happening in the moment, FastGirls are able to recognize the difference between feelings of hunger and feelings of loneliness, excitement or anxiety, which in the emotional body often feel very much the same. With time and effort we become in tune with how to spot these subtle differences, so that we no longer have to respond to our pain by snacking or to our joy with unhealthy feasting. 

When we practice mindful fasting we are tilling the soil of our lives so that we can make fully aware choices to eat when we are hungry and stop the moment we are not. This is the real impact of fasting on our weight and waist.


Kat Ballentine said...

I just joined. Don't tell me I am at the vanishing point again.

FastGirls said...

No! The holidays have swept us up but we will land shortly. Welcome!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Jasai! :) I hope you had a nice holiday season with your family. I was wondering if your book is available on Amazon yet? I looked for it last month, but did not see it listed.

Bo Green said...

I really had a nice time reading through your blog tonight - especially the tip about using lemons in glass jugs as long as they still float, that was great.

I really love the phrase "mindful fasting", that really hit home for me, and I'm going to use it. And I loved that you included the caution against fasting for weight loss. Terrific work all around. Thanks.


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