Friday, July 25, 2008

Did you know food could do this?

Whether it's too much, the wrong kind or not enough of the right kind, apparently food can make you crazy. (With all the ADD and depression it's becoming more clear.)

And if the cause is nutritional doesn't it stand to reason that a large part of the cure should be nutritional?

You tell me.

Although there are cases where people go crazy for purely psychological reasons, there is now overwhelming evidence that in most people so diagnosed, something isn’t right in the brain. Researchers from the London Institute of Psychiatry have confirmed that the frontal cortex of the brain is involved in schizophrenia. Using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), they have also been able to show that the deterioration in brain function in schizophrenia is not irreversible.

The best results we’ve seen in helping those with so-called schizophrenia are achieved by investigating a number of possible avenues. These include:

• Blood sugar problems made worse by excess stimulant and drug use
• Essential fat imbalances
• Too many oxidants and not enough antioxidants
• Niacin (Vitamin B3) therapy
• Methylation problems helped by B12 and folic acid
• Pyroluria and the need for zinc
• Food allergies


Anonymous said...

This is such an interesting post. It's also something that I've personally always believed. I guess it was a hunch of sorts all of these years because my mother's sister suffered through years of mental illness and it was only after her death from ovarian cancer did family members start looking to her diet/lifestyle habits as a possible cause of her issues.

FastGirls said...

as mental illness runs in my family, I was shocked and saddened upon learning this. and more than anything i was and remain troubled that no mention of nutritional medicine was ever made to any of the women in my family who suffer from these diseases. only drug therapy and institutionalization when that doesn't work.

If we do not take charge of our health and the health of your loved ones, we will suffer. as it seems the medical/pharmaceutical establishment doesn't know or care.

Even in my own life, i can see how changing the way i eat has improved my emotional stability and my ability to process the world around me more clearly.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is disappointing and sad that allopatic medicine doesn't include dietary/lifestyle modifications as a big part of people who are struggling with mental illness's treatment plans. This is such a person topic for me because mental illness also is a big concern in my dear husband's family too. There's a multi-billion dollar industry and I'll go ahead and say it *business* that surrounds mental illness in this country. It's all about money in my opinion and I do think they know at least something if not more, but fruits, vegetables, rice, and fish are cheap compared to pills. They don't need to be manufactured in a lab either. A lot of people would be out of work...I'll just leave off with that.

FastGirls said...

You are right on the money chelb. Which is exactly where they don't want us to be. But knowledge is power. Once we know a thing we can't un-know it. With that comes a responsibility to teach others.

I had an episode yesterday that confirms the great power of food in our systems. It is official that sugar, processed sugar, makes me crazy; angry, imbalanced, short-tempered. I have been looking at this phenomena for a while and yesterday it was confirmed. It changes my personality and disposition near immediately. My husband assured me that he had known this for many years!

Knowing this, I can now take care to watch my intake.

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