Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Neglectful Medicine?

I was reading the site below on Fibroids and what medical professionals have to say about the condition and treatment. If I had not been convinced, I am now sure that the medical professionals are either completely neglectful of woefully and willfully ignorant about how to really heal us.

If we do not do our own research and understand the critical importance of a healthy diet cutting back on ALL estrogen producing foods, ie. meats and dairy products), cleansing, and maintaining balance physically, emotionally and socially , we will suffer from maladies as easily preventable and curable as fibroids - or worse - forever.

Let me know what you think of the information and treatment recommendations made in the article.

I am amazed that they would rather give women a drug that prevents our bodies from making estrogen (introducing new toxins into the system as well as halting natural processes) rather than tell a patient to alter eating habits that are causing estrogen levels to skyrocket. 

They are killing me. Literally.

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