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One woman's story of a three day gift

There’s Nothing Wrong with Fast Girls March 2, 2008
Posted by Michele in Living In This Body.

Today I did something I’ve never done before. And I gotta tell ya, I like the way it feels. Today I’m finishing up the last day of a three-day fast.

Those of you who know me are probably asking, “What ever possessed her to fast for three freakin’ days straight?” I thought the same thing when I started toying with the idea a few days ago. Then, last Thursday I went to lunch with a friend and ordered chili topped with cheese. It was the first time I’d eaten beef or dairy in a couple of weeks – the direct result of a cow vs. forklift video I was unfortunate enough to catch on the evening news.

By Thursday night my left eye was swelled up like a balloon. When I woke up Friday morning the eye had gone down some, but the sinus was still inflamed. Allergies? Maybe. But one thing was for sure, I needed to cleanse my system, and this crazy bodily reaction was confirmation that I should go forward with the fast. I needed a fresh start without all the toxins in my body driving cravings and weighing me down.

Now, usually after six or eight hours without food I’m a danger to others. But this weekend I’ve learned that the hunger you experience after a carb and sugar orgy is much more sever than the hunger you have after three days of fasting. Now, if you’d told me this last week, I’d have probably thought you were lying – like when we tell pregnant women that childbirth really isn’t that bad because we don’t want to scare the crap outta them. But I have to admit, I feel pretty damn good.

Now that’s not to say that I didn’t have a few mild headaches back on day one. And, on day two I took a four-hour nap (because of the lack of food, my son and husband were afraid to wake me). And, okay, this morning I did have one minor meltdown – but in my defense my husband was making fried potatoes and they just smelled so good. Anyway, overall I think I did alright.

Besides, what I learned from this fast far outweighs any of the side effects my family might have endured. This weekend I learned what it feels like to fully reside within this body. I felt the simple pleasure of a cup of herbal tea with lemon. I felt the warmth of a hot bath and the softness of baby oil on my skin. I felt the joy of a long nap. I felt the sense of accomplishment in reaching my goal. And I felt the deep satisfaction of caring for and loving my body in ways I’ve never done before.

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