Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fasting doesn't actually CURE anything

(Fasting facilitates a clean up effort, kinda like this)

Fasting does not cure disease. Yet what it allows for is nothing short of miraculous. In a nutshell, fasting enables the body the rest and energy it requires in order to heal itself; the only way true healing can take place. When the body ceases to exert the enormous amounts of energy required to masticate, digest, metabolize and eliminate wastes from the food we put into our systems, that reserved energy is immediately redirected, accelerating the healing process.

The body's newly freed up digestive energy is reassigned to take up internal housecleaning; giving a performance that is not possible when the body has spent all of its energy processing the "foods" that are typically consumed in the Standard American Diet. 

As a first order of business, this redirected energy allows the organs of elimination an opportunity to catch up with their work. The body begins the task of emptying the digestive tract, getting rid of bacteria and waste born from partially digested or completely indigestible food. As a next order of business, imbalances in the body’s chemistry, which can cause serious issues such as diabetes, thyroid disease osteoporosis and depression, are addressed. Continuous fasting helps to re-establish these important balances by facilitating immunity booting cell, tissue and organ repair. Abnormal growths, tumors, damaged tissue and fat is mercifully re-absorbed as fuel to keep all of this hard work going. 

Does this not qualify fasting as the best, most efficient "medicine" on the market? We think so.

Happy Healing.

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