Monday, August 11, 2008

Postcards From the Edge

Monday. 8 11 08. Fast Day.

Today I'm finding that I have to go real slow. Just one thing at a time. literally. Picking up my purse. Unzipping my purse. Pulling out my wallet. That kind of thing. Not really able to even think of the next thing that has to be done else it feels like the tide will roll in and wash me away. The breath is helping but I have to call after it constantly, like I would a small child. I had a traffic court date this morning. It might be the reason for so much teetering. Even though it went as well as a thing like that can go, the emotional energy of "what might happen" "what I could have done differently" all of those head trips that we sometimes forget take so much energy, are more pronounced when there is hardly any energy available to access.

I feel like I want to rest but I still have the day to do. A long day. So I will just breathe. Inhale. Exhale. Repeat. But I guess that's how it's always done. We just spend less time thinking about it; more time eating the day and strain, away.


Kimberly said...

Hey Jasai!

I'm on my 2nd day of fasting. This is the first time I have ever committed myself to such an undertaking and I am utterly ecstatic.

This fast began with my mind full of stress and zero appetite. After some deep meditation, I felt that food was just the last thing I "needed" at that point and decided that spiriutal food was the order of the day.

Please count me in as a fast girl. I would love to continue fasting at least one day out of every week and need the support.

I am absolutely amazed at the benefits!

I do have one question though. I work out, well actually run 3 miles a day and am wondering if I should do this while fasting. Your thoughts?

P.S. I really do love your spirit and your blog(s).


FastGirls said...

welcome kimberly!

I am so excited to hear that you are on this journey. nothing can change you faster or have more lasting effects than a practice like this.

I'm interested to know what prompted the fast (you can email me this one if you like) and how long you intend to go.

I would say that running three miles on your fast day would be a big endeavor for your body as the energy can be quite low. You will be able to gauge better week by week though. I usually walk on fast days and resume my running your yoga on the other days.

I am delighted for you and know that this is only the beautiful beginning. be sure to click on the "join the fast girls" purple button so that you can receive the email exchanged between all of the other members.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jasai! I actually had found your blog before you sent me the message on SoulVegFolk, but it was still very nice to hear from you! : )

I suppose we were meant to connect with one another eventually because I really like your blog and was excited to find out that there's someone else out there who also fasts too. I learned about the practice of fasting from my mother.

Today is my first day of water fasting. I'm fasting at home with my husband so I wondered if you had any tips/suggestions for me because I'm newly married and had previously fasted often when I was single and lived alone. It seemed so much easier back then and I've found myself struggling with fasting since I've gotten married. My husband at the beginning was not in favor of me doing it, but he's now comfortable with it. I do think this was having a negative impact on my many of my prior fasting attempts because I was surrounded by "worried and concerned" energy vs. positive.

I also wondered how often do you fast? I would like to start water fasting two days a week once again so I would appreciate any help and suggestions you can offer.

Kimberly said...

Good Morning Jasai,

I have sent a reply to your email.

FastGirls said...

welcome to the beautiful edge chelb. I am glad that whatever apprehension your husband had to the practice has been overcome and that you all are in fact sharing the experience. my husband and I often fast on the same day. it is a challenge. but a good one.

I guess my only bit of quick advice would be to be easy on yourself. things will come up. hunger of course. frustration, rowdy thoughts (if you're anything like me) and sheer boredom - because what we typically do when bored is eat. lol!

Personally, I fast every monday from sunrise until tuesday sunrise which is also the community's group fast day (although some do it on other days). During solstices and equinoxes, the plan is to fast for the three days leading up to them. and of course anytime i don't feel well - which never happens anymore - I would fast.

I am thrilled that you have joined us and would love for yo to share with the group how your experiences, past and present have shaped you. It is always inspiring.


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