Friday, June 6, 2008

I'm Not Eating, Now What?!

Below are a few helpful fasting day tips:

Power Down: Fast day is the perfect time to bring your hectic pace to a slower crawl. That means don’t make this your run-every-errand-I-can-think-of day or call-all-my-girlfriends-I-haven’t-spoken-to-in-years, day. Instead try to move as deliberately (read: slowly) and mindfully as possible. Whenever a free moment arises, rest in it. The body will be down a few notches in the energy category and the energy it does use will come from stores already in the system, which take work to retrieve. Be wise with your energy on the days you fast and know that you are doing a wonderful thing for your body, mind and spirit. You will reap the benefits in short order.

Get Creative: Fast day is a great time to take a look at your creative life. Maybe there are things you have been waiting to do, projects you have been meaning to begin but so many things have gotten in the way. This is the perfect opportunity to take out a pen and pad and write it out. Make a note of your ideas and goals and intentions for your life going forward.

Clean Up: While we’re clearing out the toxins in our system it can also be a great time to clear out the clutter in our lives. You could take this time to do some light organizing and tidying. Maybe filing away old bills, straightening out your clothes closet or organizing your desk. But be mindful of your energy level and don’t over do it.

Catch Yourself Breathing: When you feel your energy waning, or hear that voice in your head that says all of those nasty, negative things that voice always says, breathe. Inhale deeply through the nose bringing that Prana (life force) in with the breath. Push the air into the belly as if filling a balloon and then exhale, pulling the navel all the way back towards the spine, expelling any negative, energy, thoughts and toxins with it. This is sure to revive and refresh you. You will be amazed at how effective this is for staving off hunger and negative thinking.

Meditate: Take five to fifteen minutes – in the morning and evening if possible - and just sit. Quietly. Gracefully. Compassionately. Thankfully.

Go to Bed Early: The body will be undergoing much restoration and healing. These processes are greatly enhanced by any additional rest you allow yourself.

Read Religious or Spiritual Texts: Clearing things out inevitably means there is available space to plant something new. Sacred texts and anything that facilitates growth in our spiritual or religious practice can be sown in this newly fertile ground. I highly recommend this as a standard part of your fast day. If you are not particularly religious, read some beautiful poetry or go outside and listen to the sound of the birds. The energy of the One, can be found everywhere.

I wish you well and will be thinking of you.

In solidarity,


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