Friday, June 13, 2008

What it takes - and gives - to fast

The act of fasting takes both unwavering courage and peaceful surrender. Like a new bud shows bravery as it springs forth into bloom, quietly submitting to make the journey in due season and on course, we must harvest enough courage to do what the body resists. And we must surrender enough to stay open to all that is revealed in those long and tangled hours.

Rev. Deborah L. Johnson writes a beautiful affirmation in “Living the Sacred Yes” about courage and surrender. It could prove a valuable reminder when the day stretches taut and the night creeps slowly by.

“Surrender is my embracing God’s infinite possibilities more than the finite facts. I remain open to the greater possibilities that I have yet to recognize. In letting go of my need to control, I enjoy how my journey divinely unfolds. I don’t have to now where I am gong to know that I am headed in the right direction. As the Yes of my soul reveals itself, I am headed straight towards Grace. I have the courage to stand where I am and take the next step ahead of me. I have the courage to keep walking in the direction of my surrender.”

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