Sunday, June 15, 2008

Listening for the Inner Music

There is an inner music that becomes evident to our ear when we begin fasting. It is the song of the teacher, friend and love within. Don Gerard talks about the resonant effect this music has on our lives beyond the fast days.

"I have discovered that I can listen to this inner music, learn to interpret its language and literally be tutored by my own body on what to eat so that I feel good all the time. Once I’ve achieved what my body (not my head) tells me is my ideal food intake, I can happily maintain that state of health, contentment, high level of functioning – and yes, my optimum weight – simply by continuing to listen to that same inner music each time I eat.

- Don Gerrard, "One Bowl: A Guide to Eating for Body and Spirit"

The same applies not only to what we eat and how it affects our physical bodies but to what we think and how it informs our actions and spiritual lives. If we listen carefully, this inner music allows us to see our motivations clearly. It can help direct us into right action and a continuous state of grace.

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