Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tips for breaking the fast

How you break your fast has a major effect on the benefits you receive.
When on a fast, the digestive system slows down, redirecting all energy to the tasks of restoration and healing.

The FastGirls 24 hour fast should be broken with only fresh fruit. Fresh fruit is the best way to get all of the collected toxins and waste out of the body. If you eat rich heavy foods after a fast, the bodies processing mechanism will not be prepared to handle it. Your digestive system will not move solid food until it starts functioning again. It has been busy tidying and Spring cleaning.

Below are a few tips for breaking the FastGirls 24 hour fast:

- Absolutely NO animal products or dairy on the day following the fast

- No sugared juices, soda, coffee or alcohol

A few good choices:

- Citrus fruits are always best (oranges and grapefruit)

- Grapes

- Non-sugared juices (100% apple and grape juices are easy to find)

Eat and Drink everything at room temperature.

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