Thursday, June 5, 2008

Welcome to FastGirls

Fast Girls: A Community of women calling on the timeless tradition and wisdom of fasting to strengthen, mind, body and spirit.

Our weekly communal fast takes place from sunrise on Mondays to sunrise on Tuesdays.

Please note that FastGirls is not a dieting or weight management community. We believe that when undertaking any weight management program, there should be as much emphasis on the quality and quantity of what goes in the body as what does not. Although regular fasting may well have an obvious effect on your weight it is our mission to experience this practice as an opportunity to learn lessons about ourselves that go beyond the physical.


missie said...

Thank you so much for sharing this with me! believe it or not , it was a confirmation for me from just yesterday.
I'm a published author and I was feeling confused about the next step to get my book out to the masses.
A close associate of mine, just yesterday, told me to fast,pray and give. I chanted about it and you confirmed it the same day without me even knowing that it was confirmed!(yesterday)
This is amazing to me! Please excuse my excitement!
So, how would you suggest to prepare for a fast.I plan to make it my Monday ritual as well. I'm also going to email to my close friends and get them on board as well.
Thank you again for doing what you didn't even know you did!

FastGirls said...

It is my great pleasure to meet you! That is how all great things confirm themselves; first we know (sometimes it's just an inkling of knowing) and when we trust, what we know is confirmed.

Preparation for a fast need only require your true and focused intention. There is nothing you need to "do."

When you prepare for bed on Sunday night, having eaten a normal meal at the normal time, whatever that is for you, set your intention to wake up prepared to experience your day in a new way. Go into the experience with no expectations and then meet whatever you encounter along the way with keen interest and compassion.

It will not always be easy but it will be good, for your body your mind, your soul and each of your endeavors.

FastGirls said...


Did you join the FastGirls Yahoo group? It will be a great support to your practice.

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